[Seminar] 5th AFSLAB International Symposium
[Exhibition] Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show 2016
[Exhibition] Vietstock Expo & Forum 2016
[Exhibition] SupplySide West 2016

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Synbiotech Biotech(Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

Synlac Biotechnology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Association for Lactic Acid Bacteria


Better Probiotic Better Life


Synbio Tech Inc. is specialized in research and development, production processes, and application of lactic acid bacteria for humans and animals. We particularly developthorough to optimized the stability and functionalities of lactic acid bacteria by state-of-the-art production, and widen corresponding applications. In terms of a one of the globally biotech companies with the ability of upstream and downstream integration, Synbio Tech Inc. continuingly study on different functional probiotics for humans and animals, culture starters, forage inoculants…etc. For example, AB-Kefir manufactured by symbiosis fermentation to balancing gastrointestinal microbiota, Coolmix® concentrated syrup series successfully applied on yogurt drinks, lactic acid fermented solutions being an ingredient of bakery for enhancing flavor and storage, SynLac® probiotics series applied on the cultivation of livestock and aquacultures, and forage inoculant for the plant preservation and the pigment extraction as well as strain-specific metabolisms for lightening and moisturizing of skin.
Besides, we had awarded the certificates of ISO22000, Halal, and GMP in Taiwan; ISO22000, HACCP and QS in China to ensure the quality of products and the reliability of the company.
In brief, we will continuingly establish the technical barrier to enhance competitive advantage in marketplace, and further map the big picture of lactic acid bacteria to pursue sustainable development in the future.

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